I Want To Show You What It Takes
To Be Great

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I learned the hard way. My Free guide for athletes, coaches and parents will pave an easier road to the Major Leagues.

What Do You Want?

More Playing Time?

Make The Varsity Team?

Earn a College Scholarship?

It's All Within Reach...

...If You Have A Plan.

I, Too, Had Big Dreams.

I was the best player growing up

I played in the backyard every day 

And I thought I was pretty good. 

But no one offered me a scholarship. 

I Refused To Accept No For An Answer.

baseball pitcher Dan Blewett on the mound

I'll Teach You What I Learned.

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What It Takes.

- Make the Varsity Team. 

- Earn Your Scholarship. 

- Turn Pro. 

Whatever your goal, my advice will help. 

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