I had two Tommy John surgeries...
...and became an All-Star after each one.

If you've landed on this page, you're either a parent, coach or player looking for answers, for help or for a mentor to get through a difficult arm injury. 

I've done this before, and it's hard - not just physically, but emotionally.

This page is meant to serve as a guide for an injured player, or the parents or coaches of one.

Scroll down to learn about how I can help you, or email me using the link below.

Free Tommy John & Injury Resources

The Tommy John Chronicles

A YouTube Video Playlist containing recovery videos.

I recorded one video each week during my recovery from my second Tommy John surgery - it shows my progress and I discussed my feelings about all of it.

Also in this playlist are new videos detailing some of the mental struggles of being hurt, and the outlook a player needs to have when dealing with an injury.

Pitching Strategy & Tips - A YouTube Video Playlist of all-things pitching.

This playlist will teach you a lot about mechanics, drills, and the mental and strategic aspects of pitching.

Baseball will feel distant after not being able to play for a long time, so staying involved through learning can help keep a pitcher's morale high.

Tommy John rehab workout

Articles on Pitching Injury Rehab

Below are a few good sources of articles on rehab and training:

✅ Pitching Injury Articles from EliteBaseballPerformance.com.

✅ Some of my writing on Tommy John and training: DanBlewett.com Articles

✅ Writing from a leader in research on pitching injuries: MikeReinold.com

Books to Read on Pitching Injuries & Recovery

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir by Dan Blewett

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir - My Book

The book is a must for any parent, player or coach who wants to know what the road back from injury will look like, and what it's like to devote yourself fully to baseball, healthy or not.

Buy a copy from Amazon ✅ by clicking here.

Tommy John surgery book

Understanding Tommy John Surgery & How to Avoid it by Dr. Christopher Ahmad & Frank Alexander

This is a short read intended for young players and parents. If you're an advanced player and looking for detailing training or rehab advice, this isn't the book for you.

But for parents or players who don't know much about Tommy John surgery, this short read (44 pages) will give you the facts in a layman, understandable format.

Buy a copy from Amazon ✅ by clicking here.

Tommy John surgery book the arm

The Arm by Jeff Passan

This book is a modern, detailed account of pitching injuries, current training methods and concepts in pitching, and is very well-written.

For a parent, player or coach who really wants to dive into the world of pitching velocity and injuries, this is definitely worth your time. I really enjoyed it.

AND - the book follows former MLB closer Todd Coffey, who was a teammate of mine in 2016. Interesting connection, as Todd and I both had Tommy John twice.

Buy a copy from Amazon ✅ by clicking here.

Work With Me.
I Mentor Injured Players

Dan Blewett

I Help Hurt Players Get Back on the Field.

The reality of the rehab process is that it's long, emotionally and mentally difficult, and often unclear of what the next step is. 

Reasons injured players (baseball & softball) choose to work with me:

  • My experience - I've lived through the mental and physical toll of two surgeries.
  • I founded my own academy, and have been a strength and pitching coach for over a decade.
  • I know what works and what doesn't in the weight room and on the field because I did it myself and with hundreds of athletes in my academy.

Services I Offer for Injured Players

  • Post-Rehab Strength Programs: I'll custom-build you a program to remotely follow in a facility near you with 3-4 strength and arm care workouts per week.
  • Post-Rehab Throwing Programs: Once your official, doctor-provided throwing program ends...it can be very unclear what to do next. This is the hardest part of the rehab process! I can bridge the gap.
  • Mentorship & Guidance: If you have your training needs taken care of, but need someone to help you through the mental grind of rehab...I'm your guy.

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