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Throwing Drills for Advanced Softball Players

In this article, you’ll learn a few drills that you can use even if you’re already a hard-throwing player. And if you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid of giving them a shot too. Advanced softball throwing mechanics can be developed over time by any player with dedication and focus to perfecting the details. 

What Does an Elite Softball Thrower Look Like? 

The young lady below is the hardest thrower I ever worked with, and she achieved this label at only 15 years old. The amount of softball players who will ever throw in the 70s is very, very slim and she’s done that upon entering high school. Genetics do play a role in everything in sports, but she also have excellent mechanics.

Okay, So How Does a Player Get to That Level? 

Proper throwing mechanics do a few different things, but ultimately it boils down to producing and then transferring as much power as possible. We can sum this up as the following:

#1. They produce power more effectively than poor mechanics.

#2. They prevent leaks of power (so a player transfers more of what she produces)

So even for players who produce a lot of force naturally (or from years of good instruction and practice), they likely have some amount of leaks. Plugging the leaks helps improve performance even more, bringing lower level throwers up to high level throwing. 

Drill #1: Fix Hand Break Timing 

The timing of when a player breaks her hands can make a huge difference in everything that comes after it. Because the body is a chain, transferring power from the lower half all the way up to the hand and the ball, things that happen early can have a profound effect later on. 

Watch the video below on hand-break timing for clarity on what good timing looks like and how it can improve softball throwing velocity. 

Drill #2. Long Tossing on a Line with a Good Mechanical Drill.

I’m not an advocate for high-angle, “bomb-it-out” style long toss. I am, however, all for players stretching it out and challenging their arms on a low line, one that could be cut by a cutoff man (cutoff woman?). 

The swing-shuffle drill is one of my favorites for long toss, and it helps work on the body’s rhythm, the glove arm, lateral hip explosiveness and momentum. It’s a great long toss drill for softball players and baseball players alike.

Watch the video below to learn it. 

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