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The Truth Behind How Pitchers Improve Command

how to improve pitching command in baseball

I get asked all the time how a pitcher can improve his control and command on the mound; it’s a difficult question to answer. Pitching mechanics correlate highly with velocity and “stuff”, but not as much with strike-throwing and command, which is largely a mental and “feel” process. 

How Do Some Pitchers Develop Good Control, While Others Do Not?

It’s a REALLY tough question to answer. It’s not just mechanics and it’s not just experience – more innings definitely helps, but there are pitchers with poor command all the way up the baseball mountain. Watch the video below to hear more about the process. Basically, though it comes down to the following:

What Factors Affect Pitching Command?

  1. A strong mind-body connection
  2. A strong sense of what the desired pitch outcome both looks and feels like
  3. “Fitting your body’s mold” of executing a pitch (explained in the video)
  4. Intense focus on outcomes and on adjusting after every single missed location
  5. Much more that is better explained in the video – this discussion is worth a watch.


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