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Tanner Tee Review: Should You Buy One?

Tanner Tee Review

Tanner Tees are well-known batting tees in the baseball and softball world. They’re the original, classic design that spurred imitators from countless other companies.

In this review of the Tanner Tee, I’ll share my experience owning them for years as a baseball academy owner. Are these batting tees durable, effective and worth the investment? Let’s find out.

Spoiler: I’ve Used Tanner Tees For 5+ Years and Think They’re Awesome. Here’s Why:

I own a baseball academy in Illinois. When we moved into a larger space in 2014, we had to purchase a lot of new equipment. One such purchase was seven Tanner Tees. How many of those tees are still in use, 5 years later as of the writing of this article? Well, all of them.

As a business owner who values well-made and durable products, here are my reasons for giving a shining recommendation for Tanner Tees.

Disclosure: if you buy a tee using one of the links below, I get a small commission as an affiliate at no additional cost to you. I was NOT paid to write this article. Rather, I wrote this review because I’ve used Tanner Tees for half a decade and wanted to share my experience with them (which has been very positive).

Watch My Video Review

I created a video review in addition to this article, so free to watch below for a more in-depth look.

1. The Tanner Design Can Take a LOT of Abuse.

Our battle-tested Tanner tees

My business partner, Lucas Cook, does hitting instruction and works a tremendous amount off the tee with his baseball and softball players. I watch from the tunnel next to him as kids young and old absolute WALLOP the tee. The times a Tanner Tee goes flying because a kid hit it squarely on the stem with his or her bat…I couldn’t possibly count.

But, the things are very, very durable. I’ve seen it over the years how many times they get squarely hit and are still good to go.


We’ve seen lots and lots of strength training and baseball equipment wear out from the abuse of hundreds of young athletes. So, we buy quality equipment first, because if we don’t, it just breaks and we have to re-buy it.

Again–5 years later, we still have ALL of our original Tanner Tees. That says a lot.

If that’s all you needed to hear, you can easily buy one here.

2. You Can Repair a Tanner Tee


We’ve repaired two of our original tees. Tanner supplies replacement tops, stems, bases, and all the little pieces you’d need to fix your tee for $20-$40 rather than buy a new one for $80. It’s a good deal, and we’ve done it with just a couple of them–they then perform good as new.

3. The Company Stands Behind Them

We had an issue with one of them a few years ago and got good customer service. We were sent a free part because they determined the piece that broke shouldn’t have. I always appreciate companies that stand by their products.

4. The Materials Are High Quality.

Tanner Tee – original Design

This goes back to durability, but most of the parts on a Tanner Tee will never break. The base is solid resin, the tubes are relatively thick steel, and I believe much of the assembly is done by hand. The rubber top is thick and rolled well.

You can buy a Tanner Tee knowing it’s going to handle abuse and last you a long time.

5. Hitters Love Them.

Lastly, the kids we teach–both baseball and softball–really like the design of the tee. Unlike the hard-plastic tees, mishits don’t smash a hard plastic tee. Rather, the rolled rubber top gives a low-resistance swish as the ball is struck.

Do NOT Buy Those Awful Plastic-Tube Tees

batting tee review

If you buy a batting tee for yourself, your son or daughter, or for your team, do NOT buy one of these rubber or plastic tube designs–they suck and every hitter I’ve ever met hates them.

The rolled top design is awesome, which is why there are so many imitators of the original Tanner design. Even if you don’t get a Tanner model, buy one with the same design.

6. There Are a Lot of Options & Models


I’ll be honest in that we just have the original tees in both standard and short heights. But, they offer heavy tees, weights to hold them down (kids really do smack the crap out of them), bucket bases, home plate bases, heavy tees and more.

As far as all the other models and variations go, that’s up to you. But in my experience, everything the company makes is durable and high-quality, so I don’t think you can go wrong.

Where To Buy

Direct From the Tanner Tee Website

From Amazon

I Hope This Tanner Tee Review Helped You.

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Thanks for reading! Dan


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