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Tanner Pro vs Tanner Tee Heavy: Which is Best?

tanner tee heavy review

In this review of the Tanner pro batting tee and the Tanner Tee heavy model, I’ll discuss the differences between the two, and also compare to the original model. Learn which one is right for you and the best uses for each for baseball and softball coaches, teams and players.

Though only slightly different from the original Tanner Tee model, the Pro and Heavy models provide a bump up in convenience and ease of use because of the weighted base, rubberized coatings, and more.

Before we start, please know that the following article contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase a batting tee using a link on this page, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This is NOT a paid review, though I was given a free model to test. I’ve owned Tanner Tees for years and the thoughts expressed here are strictly my own.

First: What’s Different About The Tanner Pro Batting Tee?

The Tanner pro looks very similar to the original Tanner model, the main differences being the following:

  • The base is made of solid, heavy metal with a thick rubberized coating that makes it skid resistant on a gym floor
  • The base has a built-in handle
  • The shaft of the tee screws into the base with a more polished look–no exposed screw threads once its fully in place

Beyond those differences, the original model and the Tanner Pro are very similar–the main design, concept and height adjustment are all basically the same. They work great for both baseball and softball.

What’s Better About The Tanner Pro

The original Tanner Tee is great – I used them for years at the baseball academy I owned for nearly a decade. Read my full review of the original model here if you want to know more about it.

As far as upgrades over the original, here are my thoughts:

  • Build quality
  • Ease of transporting
  • Heavier (stays put without falling over on mis-hits)
  • Rubber base won’t slide on a gym floor

Who It’s Best For

With all three Tanner models being similar, your buying choice comes down to how you use it.

The Tanner pro–in my mind–is before for someone who:

  • Will transport it a lot
    • Instructors who bring their own tee to a facility the contract out of, or coaches who need to pack everything up when they practice indoors.
    • It’s not super heavy (11 pounds) and has a cut-out carry handle.
  • Works with kids who knock a batting tee over a lot.
    • The weighted base helps A LOT with younger kids who will mishit the ball and hit the tee.
    • The Tanner Pro will fall over a ton less than the original, which is nice – kids don’t feel great about knocking over the tee when they’re hitting…it’s a very negative piece of feedback.
  • Hits on a Gym Floor a Lot.
    • This is the main benefit – the Tanner Tee original will slide on a gym floor, as the base is thick plastic with no grip.
    • The Tanner Pro is rubber coated and won’t slide on a slippery floor unless you really hit the tee itself hard.

Got it? Purchase a Tanner Pro here.

The Tanner Tee Heavy Model – What’s Different?

tanner tee heavy base

The heavy model and pro model are very similar in that they look a little sharper than the original (no exposed threads where the stem screws to the base) and have heavy bases.

  • Tanner Original: 6lbs
  • Tanner Pro: 11lbs
  • Tanner Heavy: 13lbs

And, the base has somewhat of a tripod thing going on, where it contacts the ground in three points. What’s the advantage of this? Why not make it flat like the Tanner Pro?

The Shape of the Base Works Better on Grass.

I found that it works a lot better than the other two models in the grass, as the “feet” can penetrate long blades of grass and make the tee sit more securely on the ground. Kinda like a tripod.

The flat bases of the original and pro models will sit above the grass, so if your team practices on a field with normal to long grass, those models will be a little wobblier and may even sit lopsided.

The Tanner Pro will do better than the original, as it will mush the grass down some because of the heavier weight of the base.

Also, on the heavy model, because the front two feet angle up before coming back down, the Tanner Heavy has the best tip-over resistance of the three–it’s pretty tough to knock over, even if you whack it really hard.

Who The Tanner Heavy Is Best For

tanner tee heavy baseball

This tee definitely has it’s own unique features. I believe it’s the best choice for:

  • Facility owners
    • For the people flooding a facility to come hit, this tee will make them happy – it’s heavy and hard to knock over.
  • Those who don’t need to transport it
    • It’s only 2lbs heavier than the Tanner Pro, but it’s a lot more awkward to carry the base in your hands.
    • If you want the most transportable tee, get the Tanner Pro.
  • Instructors who work with younger kids
    • It’s hard to knock this puppy over. Makes for a more productive lesson and kids don’t get embarrassed constantly knocking over the tee.
  • Those who will use the tee outdoors a lot
    • This is definitely the best of the Tanner models to use on grass – without a doubt.

Got it? Purchase a Tanner Heavy here or use the button below.

Which Model Is Best?

  • Lightest: Tanner Original
  • Easiest to Transport: Tanner Pro
  • Best for Gym Floors: Tanner Pro
  • Best for Outdoors: Tanner Heavy
  • Best for Young Players: Tanner Heavy or Pro
  • Best For Longterm Durability: Take your pick. All are built very well.
  • Best Overall: Tanner Pro

I think the best overall is the Tanner Pro.

It gives you a sleeker build, heavy base which is great for younger players, non-skid which makes it great indoors, and a built-in handle for easy transport when you unscrew the base from the stem.

Where to Buy

Original Model

tanner tee

The Tanner Original is available on Amazon.com and direct from TannerTees.com

Tanner Heavy Model

tanner heavy batting tee

ONLY available direct from TannerTees.com. Go here to buy or use the button below.

Tanner Pro Model

tanner pro

ONLY available direct from TannerTees.com. Go here to buy or use the button below.

Good luck on the field!

Good baseball and softball equipment can help make practice more efficient and effective. Hopefully this review helped!


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