I work with dozens of softball players each week both on strength training and throwing velocity. It's crucial for them to train smart, hard, and most importantly...on a consistent basis.

Below you'll find some of my best articles to help you improve your softball throwing mechanics, get stronger and stay healthier. Strength training for softball is often overlooked but is important for every player. Read on and reach out if you need advice! 


Pain Throwing a Softball? Read This First!
It's not uncommon for softball players to have pain while throwing. Typically, this is due to a few factors--poor throwing[...]
5 Easy Ways Softball Players Can Throw Harder
It's exciting to think how many softball players I'm now getting a chance to help. Overhand throwing instruction in softball[...]
Workouts For Softball Players that Build Upper Body Strength
Softball players need more overall, whole body strength. But, specifically building a strong upper body should be a focus for[...]
Five At-Home Strength Workouts For Fastpitch Softball Players
Want to get stronger, but don't have a ton of equipment? Want to build a team workout that can be[...]
3 Softball Throwing Velocity Tips
In this article you'll learn softball throwing drills and tips to improve softball throwing mechanics. The overhand throwing is a[...]
Throwing Drills for Advanced Softball Players
In this article, you'll learn a few drills that you can use even if you're already a hard-throwing player. And[...]
The Best Four Softball Throwing Drills For Velocity
There are a LOT of old throwing drills in softball that just aren't very useful. Many are ineffective, outdated, or[...]
How Hard Do Most Fastpitch Softball Players Throw?
In this article, we will discuss how hard most fastpitch softball players throw. You'll see an example of a very hard thrower[...]
Training Needs of Female Athletes
For those who visit our facility, they've surely noticed a trend: the fastest growing demographic, for us, is female athletes.[...]
In-Season Baseball and Softball Training Mistakes: Part 2
In part 1 of this installment, we covered three big inseason baseball and softball training mistakes: Not lifting heavy enough[...]
4 Great Strength Exercises for Softball Players
Strength training has huge benefits for softball players...if it's done right. The four exercises shown below are foundations for any[...]
Improve Softball Throwing Velocity With These Infield Footwork Tips
Helping girls to improve softball throwing velocity is one of my specialties, and it starts from the ground up. Without[...]
Workouts for Softball – Do’s and Don’ts For More Speed & Power
In softball, your workout plan can make the difference between reaching the collegiate level or not. Yet, workouts for fastpitch[...]
In-Season Baseball and Softball Training Mistakes: Part 1
The competitive season is coming up, a time in which many players will screw up and leave themselves playing at[...]
How to Use a Water Bottle for Throwing Drills in Softball
Softball and baseball players alike can benefit from doing "dry work" at home - mechanical exercises without throwing a ball.[...]
A Modern Softball Throwing Progression for Teams
If you're a coach, you're probably looking to improve your throwing progression for your team. But the typical softball throwing[...]
Arm Strengthening Exercises for Softball Players
Gain Arm Strength with Better Training Softball players can throw harder with less pain if they take care of their[...]
Best Shoulder Exercises For Young Softball Players
The best shoulder exercises for young baseball and softball players are ones that can be performed with minimal equipment, are still[...]

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