My Camps are Better.

Here's How They Work:

Step 1:

Register and receive a free copy of my online course, She's Got a Cannon. 

she's got a cannon throwing softball

The course is included because I want you practicing before and after the camp.

Step 2:

Get to work on the course at home.


Learn the drills, analyze your mechanics and become familiar with what I teach.

Step 3:

Show up for camp!


Because you've been using the online course, we can jump right in and cover more material and work harder on your personal goals.

Step 4:

Keep using the course and follow up with me remotely.


The online course is yours to keep, so you'll have all my drills, videos and teachings...for a lifetime.

What's The Cost?

As low as $249 per person, which includes the FREE copy of my $199 online course.

Sound Good?

Individuals can register below.

Clinics for Coaches, Teams & Organizations

Want instruction for your team or organization?

My clinics are affordable and effective. 👉 Email me.

New Here?

Learn More About My Courses Below

she's got a cannon throwing softball

SOFTBALL | She's Got a Cannon Softball Full Throwing Course

Learn how to analyze and correct overhand softball throwing mechanics, assign the perfect drills and make longterm velocity and accuracy gains. For the coach or player who is very interested in learning and improving for a lifetime.

Comes with a free copy of She's Got a Cannon: Lite!

she's got a Cannon softball throwing course

SOFTBALL | She's Got a Cannon LITE Edition

A ready-to-use throwing, fielding and arm strength program for individual players and teams. This is a great solution that does not teach the analysis and individualization found in She's Got a Cannon: Full Edition.

resolute athlete mental skills course

ALL SPORTS | The Resolute Athlete Mental Skills Course

This 40+ video course includes seven printable worksheets and will teach any athlete how to be mentally tougher, deal with pressure, and become the best version of his or her self.

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