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Pregame Throwing Routine For Starting Pitchers in Baseball

pregame throwing routine for pitchers

In baseball, you are your routine. Having an impeccable, consistent and reproducible pregame routine ensures consistently good results by preparing you to pitch in the same ideal way every time. In baseball, all high-level pitchers have exceptional pregame routines that were taught and honed over the years by good mentors and coaches. In this post, I’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Pregame Throwing Routines For Pitchers

A pregame routine helps quiet the nagging question: why didn’t I pitch well? Pitchers are often scrambling for answers following a bad outing:

  • Why did I pitch well last time?
  • Why didn’t I pitch well this time?
  • What did I do differently?
  • I felt good, why didn’t I pitch well?
  • Why did I tire out early?
  • Why did I have a bad first inning?

Isolate Variables With Consistent Practice, Training, and Pregame Habits

A good routine is like scheduled maintenance on your car – it keeps it running smoothly and prevents bigger problems from occurring. And when things don’t go well (all players will frequently go through ups and down), knowing that you pregame routine was the same will at least remove that variable from the equation as we look to find the source of the trouble.

Watch the video presentation below to learn more – it is from a new 5-day course I’m creating for coaches. Enjoy!


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