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Improve Softball Throwing Velocity With These Infield Footwork Tips

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Helping girls to improve softball throwing velocity is one of my specialties, and it starts from the ground up. Without proper infield footwork, a player can’t get her hips into proper alignment and closed to her target. Fielding technique is very important.

And if a player can’t get her hips lined up properly, then she won’t get as much velocity from her hips and core. And if her hips and core aren’t helping to power her arm, then what we typically see is a low elbow and poor follow-through. 

The human body works as an integrated unit – the “kinetic chain,” and good throwing mechanics start with good footwork. So, watch the video below for a thorough explanation of good footwork and how to work on it to start developing better softball throwing velocity. Just a few infield technique tips can go a long way.

What Good Softball Infield Footwork Looks Like [Video]

Need to Throw Harder?

If you’re interested in throwing harder from the field (I specialized in teach softball players how to throw harder overhand) download my free eBook.

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I also offer an extensive online course on throwing that will help any player gain miles per hour and accuracy on her throws. It’s called She’s Got a Cannon and it’s an amazing step-by-step resource for players, parents and coaches.

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Good luck this season! – Dan


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