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How To Structure Offseason Workouts For Baseball

offseason workouts for baseball


When baseball season ends, it quickly becomes time to plan for next season and structure offseason workouts. Creating effective offseason workouts for baseball players, though, can be complex and it’s often not clear when they should start and what the priorities should be. Read on to learn about offseason program structure for baseball players. 

Offseason Workouts For Baseball Players

There are a couple of things every player needs to understand:

  • Start as soon as possible! Other players are doing this and those players get farther ahead.
  • Think longterm – what kind of player do you want to be? Start chipping away at it now.
  • The fall is a time for restoration of things like flexibility, rotator cuff strength, and overall strength
  • Periodization can be thought of as a longterm process, and does NOT have to be linear and traditional. Choose the periodization that works best for your longterm goals.
  • Physicality is a major component of getting recruited to play college and pro baseball. Physicality is built in the weight room.

Watch the Video Below on How to Structure Your Offseason Baseball Workouts

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