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EP50 – How to Develop a Really Good Curveball

How to develop a great curveball baseball

For young pitchers, the first pitch they learn is a curveball. But, developing a really good curveball is tough – it takes a strong understanding of the physics, the spin, the grip and hand action of the pitch. In this episode I explain dos and don’ts for the grip, action, spin, throwing routine, learning progression and more. Learning to throw a nasty curveball is hard work, and it takes a LOT of time – follow my lead to get it right.

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Dan Blewett is a former pro pitcher who overcame Tommy John surgery twice, earning All-Star selections after both of them. He owns Warbird Training Academy in Normal, Illinois and has dedicated his life to helping young ballplayers stay healthy, avoid his mistakes and increase their baseball IQ faster than they could on their own. 


  1. Dan,
    You recently asked your Podcast listeners to tell you why they listen.
    I played baseball at Illinois college (DIII) in Jacksonville. I along with another teammate coached a Jr high baseball team during college. I graduated with an education degree and taught and coached baseball and softball for two years before changing professions. I have coached my son’s little league teams for the past 10years. I have also coached the Jr High Baseball team for the past 4 years. We are a small school in west central Illinois (Mt. Sterling). We did advance to the State Tournament this year losing to the eventual state championship 3-2. My oldest son is a freshman and has played travel baseball for the past 2 years and is playing this upcoming year as well. If we were just a little closer we would be playing for you.
    I have listened to every one of your podcasts. My wife who is a physical therapist enjoys your podcast as well.
    I listen because you are an intelligent story teller. You explain information confidently without sounding arrogant. I like the fact that you use intelligent words
    and very rarely cuss. I have made my boys listen to your podcast and I recommend you in my parents meeting for jr high baseball.
    I actually used your example on how to deal with umpires twice this year and once was the first inning our state tournament game. We had a play at the plate. The ball clearly beat the runner but he was called safe. It was a 50/50 play. I calmly asked for Time and walked out to the home plate Ump. I politely told him I was not out here to yell and complain. I just felt like I had to show my boys I was fighting for them. He said he understood and there was no issues. I asked if he got him high and the umpire said yes. We got the next 50/50 call.
    I also enjoy your sense of humor. I am a Conservation Police Officer so I spend a fair amount of time patrolling the countryside in my truck so keep up the good work.
    Also we have a store (Dorothys market) in our town that occasionally sells that coffee you like cheap $5 for 4 cans. Sorry to ramble but you asked.
    Thanks James Blakeley

    • Hey James! Thanks so much for this – I really do appreciate hearing your story. If I pass through next I’ll have to stop at Dorothy’s; I’ve bought about 60 La Colombe’s this past month since they’ve been 50% off…they’re amazing so be sure to try them next time they’re on sale!

      I’ll have to keep an eye on the Jr. High tournament next year – we were there, with about 5 of our kids playing in it for both Tremont and Parkside.

      Thanks again for listening, this does help me dial in who I’m speaking to and what’s relevant, and what’s not. It’s hard to know some times. Dan


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