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EP39 – Mike Pinto Creates a Winning Culture

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Mike Pinto, manager of the Southern Illinois Miners professional baseball club, joins me to talk about the culture he’s built in 12 winning seasons, his experiences as a motivational speaker, and the way baseball is changing.

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Listen as I discuss burnout, life balance, motivation and the idea that family comes first.

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Dan Blewett is a former pro pitcher who overcame Tommy John surgery twice, earning All-Star selections after both of them. He owns Warbird Training Academy in Normal, Illinois and has dedicated his life to helping young ballplayers stay healthy, avoid his mistakes and increase their baseball IQ faster than they could on their own. 


  1. Since my son played for Mile Pinto in 2016 i had to listen to that interview. I have mixed feelings about Mike. He picked my son up off the scrap heap in May of 2016 and gave him a chance. My son set the world on fire for about his first 6-7 starts, then ran into problems the next 4-5 starts. Mike gave up on him and traded him away, only to have my son come back and beat the Miners twice in one week, the last win knocked the Miners out of the playoffs that year. The rant the Mike posted about his team after that game was UNBELIEVABLE! Saying that he felt like he wasted his entire season. That U tube video has been taken down, rightfully so. So he gave my son a chance (good) but based on what I saw he is not the compassionate manager that he talked about in that interview. I base that on the video that was up on the Miners web site and comments from the players on that 2016 team. Yes my information is second hand, but not just from one source.


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