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EP24 – Guide to Preventing Pitching Injuries Pt.1

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In this episode, Dan gives practical advice for parents and coaches on preventing pitching injuries.


  1. Dan,
    During my years of playing, coaching researching and with being exposed to many different aspects within the game of baseball I have found that due to the fact that every time a ball player, or any person for that matter throws an object, a baseball for instance their elbow, shoulder, back muscles and all other upper body parts involved during the throwing movement are liable to injury leading to possible surgery so therefore all we can hope to do is whatever it takes to minimize that possibility. There is no actual way to prevent injury leading to possible surgery to those areas.
    Great BASEBALL-N
    Don Ervin

    • Hey Don, good to hear from you – I totally agree, we can’t prevent these injuries, but prevention is about doing things right in the sense that they reduce likelihood. Just like throwing rocks at a hornets nest increases likelihood of a sting, there are tons of ways to increase injury risk in pitching. Often, all we can do is avoid things that make us more likely to get hurt. Would you agree?

  2. Hey Dan,
    thank you for your return comment.
    Yes, I would agree, like I stated, until the time comes when Dr. Andrews and his staff of scientific researchers and or other researchers somehow find a way to actually prevent/stop UCL, Labrum, Rotor cuff and other upper back side injuries leading to surgery and I surely do hope the time will come soon, there is at the present time no such thing as prevention of these particular injuries leading to possible surgery, All that we can hope to achieve at the present time is to minimize the possibility of acquiring these/those possibilities.The simple fact that one, anyone can just throw an object and acquire these types of arm and or shoulder injury, which I have observed numerous times. Actually these injury’s are not limited to just pitchers alone. Like Dr. Andrews states, if pitchers fail to execute the {BODY’S} {SERIES] OF {TIMED,} {SEQUENCED,} {CHAIN REACTIVE} movements throughout it’s {KINETIC CHAIN} the arm suffers and will/may eventually break down, these body movements are the main absolutes to be executed during/throughout one’s pitching movements from the rubber to stride foot touch, plant, down and on to ball release point/window. Like during the batting approach, as the great one Mr. Ted Williams taught our baseball community many years ago, {THE HIPS LEAD THE WAY,} so does the body’s first move leaving the rubber, {THE HIPS FIRST LEAD THE WAY,} {NOT THE STRIDE FOOT AND LEG} which I observe as the first move of the majority of pitchers in all levels including MLB pitchers.
    I better close this book before I become carried away.
    Great BASEBALL-N
    Don Ervin
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