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Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir by Dan Blewett

When I retired from baseball, I knew I had a story to tell.

My memoir, Dear Baseball Gods, shows others that they too can achieve great things with hard work, resolve and a growth mindset.

It's a philosophical account of the mental and emotional side of life as an athlete, a life not often discussed for fear of showing weakness.

I Can Help Student-Athletes, Parents, Coaches & Organizations

  • The role of mental toughness and mental health in an athlete's career.
  • The importance of schoolwork in preparing for the real world.
  • The role parents and coaches play in the success of a young athlete.
  • Preparing athletes for the identity crisis they will face upon retirement from sports.

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Below are a few samples that can help you learn more about how I reach others:

Chapter One of My Book

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YouTube Video Log

I tell stories from my baseball career, sharing my values in a relatable way.

Speaking Clips

Saberseminar, 2018

American Sports Medicine Institute, 2018

Arm Care Clinic, 2019

Pitching Clinic, 2019

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