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Dear Baseball Gods: The Book

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir, is a book on the struggle that comes when an athlete gives his or her soul to their sport. Dan Blewett’s story of career-threatening injuries, comebacks and redemption is shared in the form of letters, written to those who shared the journey with him, or could learn from it.

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir By Dan Blewett

This is the perfect book for parents, coaches, and athletes. It’s a story that revolves around baseball, but is MUCH bigger than baseball. People from all walks of life will relate to the struggles, challenges, and identity issues discussed heavily in the book. Below are two great videos:

Listen to the Audiobook Version or Read Below

Go here to read Chapter one! Or, listen below to chapter one.

Kindle Version: Available on Pre-Order now.

Dear Baseball Gods Book
Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir

Why I Wrote This Book

Coming to terms with the end of my baseball career was, well, hard. I woke up everyday from age 8 until 30 knowing one thing for certain about myself: I was a ballplayer.

Then, one day, that was no longer true. And I suddenly didn’t know why I was getting out of bed. Who was I? What would the next phase of my life look like?

I Took The Long Road.

dan blewett pitching

My journey growing up from a young and naive ballplayer into a seasoned pro was a long one. I suffered through two Tommy John surgeries and became an All-Star after each of them. I watched as I got passed over by scouts, patiently wondering when my turn would come.

But, I stayed the course.

Dan Blewett

In the end, I didn’t have the fairytale ending that I always knew my story would. I believed so intensely in myself and my ability to overcome any adversity that I was certain–absolutely certain–that I’d one day break through.

But my body didn’t cooperate. In the end, I was left with a heck of a story and a lot of lessons hard-learned. So I decided there was no way I could take it all to the grave with me.

I wrote my parents a letter when I officially decided to hang up my cleats and retire. Upon writing that letter, the idea for the book was born: I’d write a series of letters to others, explaining a story and the lesson I learned. It felt like an authentic, meaningful way to give back what the game gave to me. Read all together, it shares everything I went through…in hopes others can avoid some of my mistakes.

It’s All True…Even the Crazy Parts.

Dear Baseball Gods is a memoir, the true story of my two decades growing up in baseball. But it’s not really about baseball at all – it’s about the struggle we face growing up, trying to make something of ourselves.

As for the Baseball Gods themselves? They at times watched, in silence, as I walked the plank to the surgeon’s table and pushed through pain to stay on the field. But in the end…maybe they knew what they were doing.

Paperback, eBook or Audiobook.

The book will be available on April 15th in three versions: paperback, kindle & e-Reader, as well as audiobook.

Enjoy it and share it with another parent, coach or athlete who hopes to go down the same long road I did.

Dear Baseball Gods Book

Kindle Version: Available now.

Paperback Version: Available April 15th, 2019 (there is no pre-order for paperback)

Dear Baseball Gods on Audiobook with Audible & Scrib’d

Dear Baseball Gods audiobook cover
Dear Baseball Gods will be available on audiobook

The audiobook version will be available on April 15th both on Audible and Scribd.

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I’d love for you to read my story, and forever change your perspective on your own. A life in sports is hard, but it will all be worth it.

Dan Blewett

Dan Blewett

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