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Everything I offer to help you as a coach, player or parent is below. Check them out, and shoot me a message if you have any questions about which is the right product for your goals.  

pitching isnt complicated

BASEBALL | Pitching Isn't Complicated 

My first book! I wrote it to explain pitching mechanics, strategy, pitch grips, spin and drills in a simple manner. Learning pro-level concepts does NOT have to come with medical terminology and more confusion!

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir by Dan Blewett

LIFE | Dear Baseball Gods

Read the Amazon reviews - this book is NOT just for athletes. It's a story of what happens when you give all of yourself to your career, just to not have it turn out how you want in the end. It's my crazy story of ups, downs and comebacks.

ace of the staff course

BASEBALL | Ace of the Staff

A 7-Module, 80+ video course that will teach any pitcher the high-level mental and strategic concepts he needs to maximize the "stuff" he current has and get the best hitters out. You'll learn how to attack hitters like a Big League pitcher.

pitching isn't complicated course

BASEBALL | Pitching isn't Complicated

This 10-Module course will teach you how to take video, analyze it and assign the perfect throwing drills to correct any pitcher's unique mechanics. It will teach you how to become a world-class pitcher or pitching coach.

Dan Blewett pitching courses

BASEBALL | The Pitch Architect

A bundle of five courses that will teach you how to throw a sinker, curveball and heavily-sinking changeup, build out your year of throwing and become a mentally tough pitcher.

how to throw a curveball

BASEBALL | How to Throw a Hammer Curveball

A step-by-step video course that will teach you your first curveball, improve the curveball you already throw, or help you teach it to others.

how to throw a changeup

BASEBALL | How to Throw a Filthy Changeup

​Learn how to throw the "modern" changeup that has heavy sink and arm-side tailing action in this step-by-step video course.

how to throw a sinker

BASEBALL | How to Throw a Heavy Sinker

Learn everything about the sinker, including grips, mechanical drills, troubleshooting, strategy, and more in this step-by-step video course.

resolute athlete mental skills course

ALL SPORTS | The Resolute Athlete Mental Skills Course

This 40+ video course includes seven printable worksheets and will teach any athlete how to be mentally tougher, deal with pressure, and become the best version of his or her self.

she's got a cannon throwing softball

SOFTBALL | She's Got a Cannon Softball Full Throwing Course

Learn how to analyze and correct overhand softball throwing mechanics, assign the perfect drills and make longterm velocity and accuracy gains. For the coach or player who is very interested in learning and improving for a lifetime.

Comes with a free copy of She's Got a Cannon: Lite!

she's got a Cannon softball throwing course

SOFTBALL | She's Got a Cannon LITE Edition

A ready-to-use throwing, fielding and arm strength program for individual players and teams. This is a great solution that does not teach the analysis and individualization found in She's Got a Cannon: Full Edition.

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How to Throw a Curveball Ebook

 Learn how to improve your curveball with videos, tips and more.

softball throwing mistakes

Learn what you can do to fix common throwing flaws and throw harder, with better accuracy.


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