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The Best Four Softball Throwing Drills For Velocity

best softball throwing drills

There are a LOT of old throwing drills in softball that just aren’t very useful. Many are ineffective, outdated, or are just plain teaching the wrong things. In this article, learn the best four softball throwing drills for any player or team, that you can put to good use immediately. 

Five At-Home Strength Workouts For Fastpitch Softball Players

softball strength workouts

Want to get stronger, but don’t have a ton of equipment? Want to build a team workout that can be easily done at players’ homes? In this article I’ll show you five at-home strength exercises for fastpitch softball players that can be performed pretty much anywhere!

Throwing Drills for Advanced Softball Players

softball throwing drills for speed

In this article, you’ll learn a few drills that you can use even if you’re already a hard-throwing player. And if you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid of giving them a shot too. Advanced softball throwing mechanics can be developed over time by any player with dedication and focus to perfecting the details. 

Four Crucial Mental Training Skills for Baseball

mental training course for baseball

For baseball players, mental training is absolutely critical. With so much time between plays, the mind has ample opportunities to wander and hurt a player’s performance. The “time gap” in sports is very difficult to manage, as an empty mind allows the best opportunity for fluid action in a game. Learn four crucial mental skills training concepts in this article to help manage your mind as a baseball player. 

How to Use a Water Bottle for Throwing Drills in Softball

water bottle drill softball

Softball and baseball players alike can benefit from doing “dry work” at home – mechanical exercises without throwing a ball. Classically, the “towel drill” or using a towel in the hand was the common way to perform towel drills. Players hold many things in the hand – a whiffle ball, a ball inside a sock, a towel or water bottle. My preference as a coach and player was to hold a half-filled water bottle, so in this article I’ll explain how and why to use it. 

How Hard Do Most Fastpitch Softball Players Throw?

how hard should a softball player be throwing

In this article, we will discuss how hard most fastpitch softball players throw. You’ll see an example of a very hard thrower and learn the common throwing velocity ranges across multiple ages.

EP65 – Why Warmups Are Getting Out of Control

warmups for baseball

How can we create the perfect warmups for baseball? Should a 10U softball team take 90 minutes before a game to warm up? Is warming up for throwing really a 30-minute endeavor? I talk all about warm up theory and why warming up with all these crazy exercises is probably not all it’s cracked up to be. 

EP64 – Jeff Bajenaru: Stories From a Triple-A Pitching Coach and MLB Pitcher

Jeff Bajenaru Pitching Coach

Jeff Bajenaru–the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Triple-A pitching coach–joined me to talk about his pretty amazing journey in baseball. From being told he’s never pitch again at age 15, to pitching and hitting 21 home runs at the University of Oklahoma, to pitching in the Major Leagues and winning a World Series in 2005 with the White Sox, Jeff has been through it all. Listen in to hear all about his wild ride. 

EP63 – Kevin Vance: What Life as a D1 Baseball Player is Like

Kevin Vance baseball

What is it like to be a D1 baseball player? Coach Kevin Vance, pitching coach at the University of Rhode Island, joins the show to talk about daily life as a D1 freshman, recruiting tips, pitching philosophy, mental training and mindset, and much more.

EP62 – Shaun Cole, 2012 National Pitching Coach of the Year

shaun cole pitching coach

Shaun Cole, former pitching coach of the year in 2012 and current pitching coach for Eastern Kentucky University, joined me to talk about his extensive experience coaching in pro baseball and collegiate baseball. Coach Cole was also pitching coach for USA Baseball, winning two gold medals. Listen in as we talk all things pitching.