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Workouts For Softball Players that Build Upper Body Strength

upper body softball exercises workouts

Softball players need more overall, whole body strength. But, specifically building a strong upper body should be a focus for every player, as it can make a huge difference in not only on-field performance, but confidence as well. In this article, you’ll learn some exercises to implement in workouts for softball players.

EP76 – Ryan Faer Talks Mental Health & Strength Training in Pro Baseball

Ryan Faer Indians Baseball Strength Coach MLB

Ryan Faer, the Cleveland Indians’ minor league strength coordinator, joined me to talk about how he landed his job as a coach in pro baseball and his day-to-day duties. We also discussed mental health and its ramifications and challenges for athletes.

Mental health and the mental stress of pro sports is rarely discussed, often perceived as weakness. But Ryan opened up about his own struggles and some advice on what athletes can do if they need help or find themselves struggling. Listen in to this great conversation on Dear Baseball Gods.

EP75 – Ty Blankmeyer, Milwaukee Brewers Area Scout


Ty Blankmeyer joined me on the show to talk about his playing career at St. John’s University, his time in the Minor Leagues, and his current job as an area scout for the Milwaukee Brewers. Ty grew up in baseball, as his father has been the St. Johns head coach for 24 seasons, so his story comes from a unique place as a both a high-level player and the son of a great baseball mind.

Dear Baseball Gods: The Book

Dear baseball gods book dan blewett

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir, is a book on the struggle that comes when an athlete gives his or her soul to their sport. Dan Blewett’s story of career-threatening injuries, comebacks and redemption is shared in the form of letters, written to those who shared the journey with him, or could learn from it.

EP74 – Cubs’ High-A Manager, Jimmy Gonzalez

Jimmy Gonzalez Baseball Coach

Jimmy Gonzalez, Manager of the Chicago Cubs’ High-A team, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, joined me to talk about his 14 years as a pro player, his now six seasons as a coach in the Cubs’ system, and his managing style as a longtime catcher and student of the game.

EP73 – The Story Behind Dear Baseball Gods the Book

About Dear Baseball Gods the book

My Book, Dear Baseball Gods, is going to be released on April 15, 2019 and it was two years in the writing, but 22 years in the making. Learn about some of the challenges it posed, how it’s evolved over time, what the book is about and how the format has been shaped by my experiences.

EP72 – Steve Marino Refused to Give Up

Steve Marino baseball

Steve Marino got told no at dozens of tryouts and pro workouts. But, he kept going until one day…there was a yes. He went on to play five years of pro baseball as a respected third baseman and team captain. Listen in as he tells his story and shares insight into his transition to coaching at the pro ranks. Be sure to catch the You’re My Boy, Blew Vlog episode featuring Steve, which releases on Tuesday, Feb 5th.

EP71 – College Recruiting with Morgan Depew

Morgan Depew Baseball

Morgan Depew, assistant with the University of Jacksonville in Florida, joined me to talk about his journey from former Warbird trainee, to JUCO baseball player then to Division-2 baseball, then into the coaching ranks. Morgan has been quietly and steadily moving up in the coaching world, now with a volunteer assistant position at Jacksonville.

How to Start a Podcast – A Beginners’ Guide

podcast boom arm

Do you have experience, knowledge and wit to share with the universe? If so, give it a shot and start a podcast! Once up and running, a podcast is a low-cost way to give back to your industry, establish yourself as an expert, and have fun behind the mic.

In this article, I’m going to share the things I’ve learned over the years as the host and co-host of two podcasts. You’ll learn everything you need to get started, what to avoid and what to definitely put a little extra time and effort into.

EP70 – College Baseball Recruiting with Ethan Guevin, Recruiting Expert

College Baseball Recruiting Tips and Advice

Ethan Guevin of http://www.KeepPlayingBaseball.org joined me to talk about baseball recruiting, and give some practicing recruiting tips and advice to players and parents. Ethan is a former D-1 assistant coach and Rawlings Gold Glove winner as a player. Today he runs his non-profit recruiting website with tons of great (free) recruiting advice.

Listen to The Keep Playing Baseball Podcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/college-baseball-recruiting-101-by-keep-playing-baseball/id1398431662?mt=2

Follow Ethan here: https://twitter.com/keepplayingbb