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In this episode, I discuss why I’m selling my academy, moving on, and all the things I THINK I’ll be doing with my life.

Why “Natural Cut” and Cutters are Bad For Youth Pitchers

natural cut good for pitchers baseball

Some pitchers throw a fastball that has natural cut. What we mean by this is that their standard fastball–which is supposed to be straight–instead cuts. At a high level, this can help a pitcher be successful if he harnesses it; Mariano Rivera is a great example. However, for amateur pitchers, “natural cut” really just means that they don’t know how to properly throw a fastball, and in this article I’ll explain why natural cut is NOT a good thing.

EP79 – Chapter 12 From Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir

Dear Baseball Gods Book Free Sample Chapter 12

Listen in as Dan Blewett shares chapter twelve from Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir. This chapter details news he received about his first surgery, his budding meditation practice, and his changes in his demeanor over time.

EP78 – Sample Chapter from Dear Baseball Gods the Book

Dear Baseball Gods Book Free Chapter Small

Listen in as Dan Blewett shares chapter one from Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir, his book on his baseball career, his battle back from injuries, and his search for identity.

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir — Book & Audiobook Sample Chapter

Dear Baseball Gods Book Free Chapter Small

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir, was an attempt to help me gain closure on my baseball career as I told my story. Enjoy the first chapter, found below. The book launches on April 9th and will be available on Paperback, eBook including Kindle, and Audiobook from all major platforms.

EP77 – Mental Skills for Pitching with Dave Fischer

Dave Fischer Pitching Coach Baseball

Dave Fischer, pitching coach and mental skills coach from the University of Rhode Island, joined me on the show to share his journey through pro baseball. We discussed his struggles in pro baseball and how he has turned them into learning opportunities for the pitchers he now coaches.

Tanner Tee Review: Should You Buy One?

Tanner Tee Review

Tanner Tees are well-known batting tees in the baseball and softball world. They’re the original, classic design that spurred imitators from countless other companies.

In this review of the Tanner Tee, I’ll share my experience owning them for years as a baseball academy owner. Are these batting tees durable, effective and worth the investment? Let’s find out.

Workouts For Softball Players that Build Upper Body Strength

upper body softball exercises workouts

Softball players need more overall, whole body strength. But, specifically building a strong upper body should be a focus for every player, as it can make a huge difference in not only on-field performance, but confidence as well. In this article, you’ll learn some exercises to implement in workouts for softball players.

EP76 – Ryan Faer Talks Mental Health & Strength Training in Pro Baseball

Ryan Faer Indians Baseball Strength Coach MLB

Ryan Faer, the Cleveland Indians’ minor league strength coordinator, joined me to talk about how he landed his job as a coach in pro baseball and his day-to-day duties. We also discussed mental health and its ramifications and challenges for athletes.

Mental health and the mental stress of pro sports is rarely discussed, often perceived as weakness. But Ryan opened up about his own struggles and some advice on what athletes can do if they need help or find themselves struggling. Listen in to this great conversation on Dear Baseball Gods.

EP75 – Ty Blankmeyer, Milwaukee Brewers Area Scout


Ty Blankmeyer joined me on the show to talk about his playing career at St. John’s University, his time in the Minor Leagues, and his current job as an area scout for the Milwaukee Brewers. Ty grew up in baseball, as his father has been the St. Johns head coach for 24 seasons, so his story comes from a unique place as a both a high-level player and the son of a great baseball mind.