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Arm Strengthening Exercises for Softball Players

By Dan Blewett | Softball

Mar 24
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Gain Arm Strength with Better Training

Softball players can throw harder with less pain if they take care of their shoulders and rotator cuff. But, it seems that arm strengthening exercises are overlooked in softball (compared to baseball, for instance).

We need to start looking at arm strengthening for softball players not just as injury prevention, but as performance enhancement. It’s easy to tap into a few extra miles per hour when we get the muscles that accelerate and decelerate the ball strong, stable and in great condition.

Whether its softball windmill pitching or overhand throwing, these four exercises will pay off.

First: The Best Band To Use: Theraband CLX

In my academy we really like the Theraband CLX. We like them so much that we bought 100 yards of it, and cut a 4-foot strip for each of the players in our travel organization.

As a heads up, I do get a commission if you buy from one of the links here.

But, don’t let that change anything. I use these every day with our clients at Warbird Academy and they’re awesome products, which is why we use them and I think you should too.

Theraband CLX (affiliate link) is versatile, durable, lightweight and can roll up to fit in the back pocket. It’s latex-free, which is also a plus for those with allergies. I recommend the GREEN resistance for anyone starting out.

You can use them for much more than just the shoulder strengthening exercises I’ll show you below, such as this Monster Walk variation, which is great for helping to prevent ACL injuries by strengthening the lateral hips.

Where to Get One

You CAN do these exercises with a regular ribbon Theraband or equivalent, but they’re not as easy.

I recommend grabbing a Theraband CLX single for yourself (about $10), or buying a roll for your team (ends up being about $10 per player but you’ll cut about 20 bands from a full roll, so you’ll have extras or could split with another team).

Softball Arm Strength Exercise #1: The No Money

Softball Arm Strength Exercise #2: Pull Apart T

Softball Arm Strength Exercise #3: Sword Pull

Softball Arm Strength Exercise #4: External Rotation

Sets and Reps

For the sake of simplicity and motivation, I recommend the following:

  • 8 minutes per day
  • For all four exercises, perform one one-minute timed sets
    • Focus on going slow, and in one minute between 12-15 reps will be performed. Don’t count, just use the timer and go SLOW.
  • Repeat the whole circuit of exercises twice
  • Shoot for 3-5 workouts per week
  • Perform one set as a warmup before all practices, and one set after as a recovery/cool-down session

Work Hard, Get Strong, Throw Harder.

There’s more velocity in any softball player’s arm, especially if she has never done arm care exercises before.

A stronger arm means more power, more endurance and less pain, whether throwing in the field or pitching. Just a few minutes a week can make a huge difference.

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Happy Throwing!

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