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Are Weighted Balls Safe For Pitchers?

are weighted baseballs safe

Weighted balls are a hot topic in baseball, and pitchers everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon to see if they can gain velocity quickly. It’s hardly up for dispute whether they work for increasing velocity – they do work. But how they’re used – and the volume of throws made with them – can make weighted balls either a pitcher’s best friend, or their worst nightmare. Let’s discuss some of the do’s and don’ts and my take on weighted balls for baseball pitchers. 

are weighted balls safe

Weighted Balls: Are They Safe For Baseball Pitchers?

Weighted balls are a tool for baseball players, not a lifestyle. To say they are safe or unsafe is really to miss the point. Pitchers today use them more than ever as a tool, so we need to discuss their safety.

A knife can be a tool or a weapon; it’s obvious that human beings both cut vegetables and kill each other using knives. It’s not the knife’s fault and the knife is not inherently bad.

So if we can agree that weighted balls are a tool that can either be effective or destructive, how should we use them? I answer this question in-depth in the video embedded in this article. I feel strongly about the following:

  1. That we need to stop dividing ourselves into tribes and bickering about whether weighted balls are good or evil.
  2. Weighted ball throwing is not the only way a pitcher should be training.
  3. Weighted balls are definitely an inappropriate training tool for some players.
  4. There are many other training methods that need to be used first, and much more prominently featured in a training program.

To hear the rest of my thoughts, jump into the short video below. And, leave me a comment with your thoughts. I’ll respond, so let’s talk about it.

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  1. Agree 100%. They are a tool. But young athletes without the proper strength level shouldn’t be doing them. I read the same report by Reinold.

    • Yeah, except who’s to say what the “proper” strength level is? And does that mean throwing a football is unsafe? Softballs? I don’t use weighted balls with my pitchers personally, but at the same time it’s hard to logically say they can’t be used by any age athlete in certain doses if we agree that other types of balls that weigh more are safe. People keep throwing around “proper strength levels” and no one has any researched guidelines on what that is, either. People are just eyeballing it.


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