I've played at a high level, been hurt, been healthy, and played in over 30 states.

I own a baseball academy and work with players just like you, every single day. 

I hope you learn from my mistakes, so that you'll avoid them yourself. 

Everything below was written and recorded to help you on your long journey.

Learn, Get Better and Move Forward

EP37 – Basic Things Pitchers Forget
Dan discusses seven things that even good pitchers overlook in their routines, practice habits, and more.
The Career Trajectory of a Pitcher
What in the typical career trajectory of a pitcher? Watch this quick video and find out. https://vimeo.com/249094436    
How Did You Pitch When The Scout Showed Up?
In this short article, I'm going to tell you who you don't want to be, and what you don't want to[...]
4 Strategies for Handling Pressure in Baseball
Handling pressure in baseball is something that is not easily accomplished, and often breaks many pitchers. To be at his[...]
What We REALLY Want From Baseball
You might not know what you want from baseball, but I do. I've been around long enough to know what[...]
Case Study: Learning to Pitch Cut My ERA In Half
In 2014, I made my comeback from my Tommy John surgery. I had a mediocre season that year, barely enough[...]
Why Throwing A Changeup Will Make You A Better Pitcher
I tell all of the parents and young pitchers in my flock to wait until high school to learn a[...]
How to Improve Your Curveball Release Point
How To: The Curveball Release Point Bucket Drill This is a drill that I have been doing since I was[...]
How Leg Strength Increases Pitching Velocity
There's lots of speculation and studies about throwing velocity. From my own observations and logical thinking, as well as some[...]
How to Throw a Sinker The Right Way
The sinker is an elusive pitch, and can be an amazing weapon for some. But, if you're here to learn[...]
How to Throw a Curveball The Right Way
The curveball is misunderstood. Every pitcher thinks he knows how to throw a curveball, but the reality is that it's[...]
How To Throw a Better Changeup
Throwing a changeup is hard, and learning one takes consistent time and effort; it can be a finicky pitch. But,[...]
Fixing Your Fastball Grip
In this short video, I explain how your grip can affect spin and velocity, and we can do to fix[...]
EP25 – Guide to Preventing Pitching Injuries Pt.2
In part two, we discuss pitching injury factors including radar gun usage and velocity obsession, the Motus sleeve, pitch mix,[...]
EP24 – Guide to Preventing Pitching Injuries Pt.1
In this episode, Dan gives practical advice for parents and coaches on preventing pitching injuries.
EP23 – Shawn Teufel: Sidearm Pitching, Velocity and Bernie Madoff
Shawn Teufel, former Mets and Tigers farmhand and son of 1986 World Series Champion Tim Teufel, joins us to talk[...]
What Are Your Off-season Goals?
This is the time of year in which it is time to turn one's focus toward next spring, which means[...]
EP22 – Zach Clark Pt.2
Zach Clark continues his story of converting into a Knuckleballer, then his transition back into conventional pitching, then finally scouting.[...]
EP21 – Zach Clark: Converting Into A Knuckleballer
Zach Clark talks about his 10-year professional career as a pitcher, in which he made it to the Major Leagues[...]

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