I've played at a high level, been hurt, been healthy, and played in over 30 states.

I own a baseball academy and work with players just like you, every single day. 

I hope you learn from my mistakes, so that you'll avoid them yourself. 

Everything below was written and recorded to help you on your long journey.

Learn, Get Better and Move Forward

How Good Is Your Curveball, Really?
There is a misconception in baseball that the quality of a curveball has most to do with how sharply it[...]
Stop Choosing Teams Because Your Friends Play There.
I get it; making friends is hard. When you bond with a group of guys or girls, it's great to[...]
The Truth About Pitchers, Pro Balls and Pine Tar
The Michael Pineda thing was funny. His stupidity, however, has brought to light a very important issue, especially since college[...]
Reading A Hitter Who Is Reading You
It was a good changeup. As it sunk and tailed off the edge of the plate, crossing at the black[...]
Slide Step Pitching Mechanics: What You’ve Heard Isn’t Correct.
The slide step is a pretty straightforward thing, if it's taught correctly. The thing is, though, that most coaches teach[...]
Proper Box Squat Technique
LoL! Box Squat Probs! The lingo of all the high schoolers has insidiously ruined my brain. Here is a quick[...]
Develop Control and Breaking Pitches
The longer a person plays, the more he comes to realize that throwing the ball where it needs to go[...]
How To Throw A ChangeUp (And Why It’s Hard)
As a pitching coach, one of my biggest tasks is overhauling a pitcher's off-speed pitches. Most pitchers can't throw an effective[...]
EP24 – Guide to Preventing Pitching Injuries Pt.1
In this episode, Dan gives practical advice for parents and coaches on preventing pitching injuries.
EP13 – Meditation, and The Worst Day of My Life
I blew the game for the third time in a row. In the clubhouse after the game, the manager walked[...]
Should The Closer Pitch In Jams, Earlier in Games?
Now that everyone has seen Andrew Miller recently bail his team out of jams early in the game, it's been[...]
Improve Softball Throwing Velocity With Footwork
Helping girls to improve softball throwing velocity is one of our specialties, and it starts from the ground up. Without[...]
Don’t Like It? Play Better.
I've written a number of articles in the past about how being a good teammate and a coachable person will[...]
Weighted Front Side Pitching Drills
The front side is crucial to producing high pitching velocity, as well as consistent strike-throwing ability. Listen in as I[...]
EP06 – Sports and Business: How They Relate
Former Division-I baseball player, Tom Meaney, comes on the show to discuss the parallel between sports and business. We talk about[...]
Is Heavy Lifting Good For Pitchers?
If you look around social media, you'll see that more baseball pitchers are lifting "heavy." This is, in general, a[...]
EP17 – The Yips
What exactly are "the yips?" They're mythical, terrifying, and very real.
3 Steps To Playing Better Catch
The routine of a relief pitcher is one that contains a lot of catch. Every day, one searches for "the[...]
Sports: They Don’t Define You.
I often hear from parents that young athletes come down too hard on themselves when they underperform. Physical errors and mental[...]

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