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How Did You Pitch When The Scout Showed Up?
In this short article, I'm going to tell you who you don't want to be, and what you don't want to[...]
Fixing Your Fastball Grip
In this short video, I explain how your grip can affect spin and velocity, and we can do to fix[...]
Slide Step Pitching Mechanics: What You’ve Heard Isn’t Correct.
The slide step is a pretty straightforward thing, if it's taught correctly. The thing is, though, that most coaches teach[...]
4 Ways To Get More Attention From Scouts
Not sure why you aren't getting more attention from scouts? Want to play your sport at the collegiate or pro[...]
EP17 – The Yips
What exactly are "the yips?" They're mythical, terrifying, and very real.
6 Mental Traits of Good Pitchers
You should run from anyone who tries to tell you that pitching isn't mental, that it's merely a physical, mechanical[...]
Pitching Recovery: Your Arm As An Energy Meter
You've played video games at some point in your life, right? I was a big Ninja Turtles guy. When you[...]
Pitching With A Downhill Angle: Does It Matter?
I hear more and more about downhill angle in the twitter and blogosphere, mostly from people declaring in a snarky manner that[...]
EP03 – With Kevin Vance – Baseball Isn’t Fair, and If You Don’t Like It, Play Better
In this episode, we are joined by current University of Rhode Island pitching coach, and former minor league pitcher, Kevin[...]
How To Throw a Better Changeup
Throwing a changeup is hard, and learning one takes consistent time and effort; it can be a finicky pitch. But,[...]
EP01 – The Day I Blew Out My Elbow
This story starts on the day of a major crossroads in my career: Undergo a second Tommy John surgery, or hang[...]
Don’t Like It? Play Better.
I've written a number of articles in the past about how being a good teammate and a coachable person will[...]
EP19 – What It Takes
Dan explains the five key things everyone needs to be truly great at sports, baseball, or, well...anything.
Run Expectancy and Why Bunting Is Bad
Run expectancy in baseball is simple, and incredibly important, changing how coaches think about strategy, stealing, bunting, and the value[...]
Is The Hit and Run in Baseball a Smart Play?
Is the hit and run a smart play? In baseball, the hit and run has been around forever. But, it's[...]
Best Shoulder Exercises For Young Baseball and Softball Players
The best shoulder exercises for young baseball and softball players are ones that can be performed with minimal equipment, are still[...]
EP20 – Misconceptions in Pitching
In this episode of Dear Baseball Gods, I discuss long toss, tracking bullpen strike percentages, string lines, luck and other[...]
Case Study: Learning to Pitch Cut My ERA In Half
In 2014, I made my comeback from my Tommy John surgery. I had a mediocre season that year, barely enough[...]
5 Injury Prevention Exercises For The Volleyball Player
The high-level volleyball players we train are about as beat up as any group of athletes out there. The demands of[...]

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