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EP15 – Slumps, Superstition in Baseball, and Variance
Is superstition in baseball worth even a second thought? How much does bad luck play into a slump? And, how[...]
Sports: They Don’t Define You.
I often hear from parents that young athletes come down too hard on themselves when they underperform. Physical errors and mental[...]
EP01 – The Day I Blew Out My Elbow
This story starts on the day of a major crossroads in my career: Undergo a second Tommy John surgery, or hang[...]
How To Have a Long Career As A Pitcher
There's a ton of factor's involved in why some pitchers last and others don't, but to keep getting one's contract[...]
Team Sprint & Agility Training
I often ask what I would recommend for a simple team workout that stresses agility training, sprinting and conditioning. Below[...]
The Pitcher’s Offseason Checklist
The internet is filled, more than ever, with good information on pitching velocity and pitching mechanics; it's become a craze.[...]
4 Strategies for Handling Pressure in Baseball
Handling pressure in baseball is something that is not easily accomplished, and often breaks many pitchers. To be at his[...]
5 Things That Influence A Pitcher’s ERA
Statistics don't matter very much until later in an athlete's life, when his performance and value is determined by them.[...]
How To Throw A ChangeUp (And Why It’s Hard)
As a pitching coach, one of my biggest tasks is overhauling a pitcher's off-speed pitches. Most pitchers can't throw an effective[...]
What To Say In a Mound Visit
This summer I traveled with our 16U Warbird Senators team as their pitching coach. I got my first taste of coaching,[...]
Is The Hit and Run in Baseball a Smart Play?
Is the hit and run a smart play? In baseball, the hit and run has been around forever. But, it's[...]
Case Study: Learning to Pitch Cut My ERA In Half
In 2014, I made my comeback from my Tommy John surgery. I had a mediocre season that year, barely enough[...]
4 Ways To Get More Attention From Scouts
Not sure why you aren't getting more attention from scouts? Want to play your sport at the collegiate or pro[...]
EP02 – How I Forced My Way Into Pro Baseball
In this episode, Dan tells the story of how he broke into professional baseball. After finishing his college career undrafted[...]
EP13 – Meditation, and The Worst Day of My Life
I blew the game for the third time in a row. In the clubhouse after the game, the manager walked[...]
EP06 – Sports and Business: How They Relate
Former Division-I baseball player, Tom Meaney, comes on the show to discuss the parallel between sports and business. We talk about[...]
How To Hold Runners
I regularly discuss with young pitchers how to hold runners.  It is relatively cut and dry, but takes a concerted[...]
EP20 – Misconceptions in Pitching
In this episode of Dear Baseball Gods, I discuss long toss, tracking bullpen strike percentages, string lines, luck and other[...]
EP04 – Developing Leadership Qualities As You Grow Up
It took me a long time, but doing things the right way, over time, eventually made me into a respected[...]

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