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Is Heavy Lifting Good For Pitchers?
If you look around social media, you'll see that more baseball pitchers are lifting "heavy." This is, in general, a[...]
Sports: They Don’t Define You.
I often hear from parents that young athletes come down too hard on themselves when they underperform. Physical errors and mental[...]
Stand Out, Don’t Stick Out
There's some alarming trends that I see in young athletes, and I'm not exactly sure where it's coming from: Back[...]
EP15 – Slumps, Superstition in Baseball, and Variance
Is superstition in baseball worth even a second thought? How much does bad luck play into a slump? And, how[...]
Why Is My High School Athlete Lifting, But Not Getting Bigger and Stronger?
It's great that more and more high schools offer strength training classes and programs for their students. It's hard to find[...]
Best Shoulder Exercises For Young Baseball and Softball Players
The best shoulder exercises for young baseball and softball players are ones that can be performed with minimal equipment, are still[...]
Conditioning For Pitchers: Current Advice Is Misguided
We figured it out years ago, and it was a good thing we did: Conditioning for pitchers needed to change.[...]
EP02 – How I Forced My Way Into Pro Baseball
In this episode, Dan tells the story of how he broke into professional baseball. After finishing his college career undrafted[...]
Pitching Velocity Is Like The Hot Girl.
I'm entering a chapter in my baseball career where I feel like I'm finally starting to get it.  What is it? It's turning[...]
3 Steps To Playing Better Catch
The routine of a relief pitcher is one that contains a lot of catch. Every day, one searches for "the[...]
5 Advanced Curveball Tips
If you liked this video, you'll really like my book. 
Should The Closer Pitch In Jams, Earlier in Games?
Now that everyone has seen Andrew Miller recently bail his team out of jams early in the game, it's been[...]
Pitching Out of Jams
Pitching out of jams is a huge part of being a good pitcher in both baseball and softball. A common[...]
5 Injury Prevention Exercises For The Volleyball Player
The high-level volleyball players we train are about as beat up as any group of athletes out there. The demands of[...]
EP09 – Mike Reinold Shares Big League Stories and Weighted Ball Research
Mike Reinold, one of the world's experts on pitching injuries and performance, joins us to share some stories from his[...]
A Possible Solution To The Injury Epidemic
There have been a lot of elbow injuries in the Major Leagues this season, with notable pitcher Matt Moore being[...]
Champions Don’t Need Babysitters
Each day I am witness to the whole gamut of work ethic. We have super hard-working athletes and, well, not[...]
EP25 – Guide to Preventing Pitching Injuries Pt.2
In part two, we discuss pitching injury factors including radar gun usage and velocity obsession, the Motus sleeve, pitch mix,[...]
EP20 – Misconceptions in Pitching
In this episode of Dear Baseball Gods, I discuss long toss, tracking bullpen strike percentages, string lines, luck and other[...]

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