EP34 – Should Pitchers Lift Heavy?
Should pitchers lift heavy? Are pitchers shortening their careers because of the way they train? Dan discusses current culture in[...]
EP33 – How Coaches Impact Their Players
How important is a coach in the development of a young athlete's passion for the game? Dan shares stories of[...]
EP32 – Mental Strategies For Pitchers Dealing with Adversity
Bases loaded? Coach not giving you enough innings? A pitch isn't working? Not 100%? Dan tells a few stories and[...]
EP31 – Bill Murphy on Japanese Baseball
Bill Murphy, over his 14-year career, spent time in the MLB and NPB, spending two seasons with the Chiba Lotte[...]
EP30 – Sean Gleason Talks Mexican League Baseball
Sean Gleason, former Orioles farmhand, explains the differences between American and Mexican League baseball. He talked about his development into[...]
EP29 – Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera was one of the last pitchers to throw a screwball in the Major Leagues, and we talked about[...]
EP28 – Fehlandt Lentini – The Man You Can’t Catch Stealing
Fehlandt Lentini stole 567 bases at an 85% success rate over 17 years of professional baseball, an absurdly good rate.[...]
EP27 – Jacob Cruz
Jacob Cruz, the hitting coach for the AA Tennessee Smokies, joins me to talk about trends in hitting, the Arizona[...]
EP26 – Bobby Stevens
Bobby Stevens, former Orioles minor league infielder, talks travel baseball, dealing with difficult teammates, the baseball Twitter world, and more.
EP25 – Guide to Preventing Pitching Injuries Pt.2
In part two, we discuss pitching injury factors including radar gun usage and velocity obsession, the Motus sleeve, pitch mix,[...]
EP24 – Guide to Preventing Pitching Injuries Pt.1
In this episode, Dan gives practical advice for parents and coaches on preventing pitching injuries.
EP23 – Shawn Teufel: Sidearm Pitching, Velocity and Bernie Madoff
Shawn Teufel, former Mets and Tigers farmhand and son of 1986 World Series Champion Tim Teufel, joins us to talk[...]
EP22 – Zach Clark Pt.2
Zach Clark continues his story of converting into a Knuckleballer, then his transition back into conventional pitching, then finally scouting.[...]
EP21 – Zach Clark: Converting Into A Knuckleballer
Zach Clark talks about his 10-year professional career as a pitcher, in which he made it to the Major Leagues[...]
EP20 – Misconceptions in Pitching
In this episode of Dear Baseball Gods, I discuss long toss, tracking bullpen strike percentages, string lines, luck and other[...]
EP19 – What It Takes
Dan explains the five key things everyone needs to be truly great at sports, baseball, or, well...anything.
EP18 – Dr. Alan Nathan Talks Saberseminar
Dr. Alan Nathan, a world expert on the physics of baseball, joins me to talk Red Sox, Sabermetrics, and Saberseminar[...]
EP17 – The Yips
What exactly are "the yips?" They're mythical, terrifying, and very real.
EP16 – Getting Cut.
Getting cut, or released, as they call it, is never easy. Dan tells the story of the few times he[...]
EP15 – Slumps, Superstition in Baseball, and Variance
Is superstition in baseball worth even a second thought? How much does bad luck play into a slump? And, how[...]
EP14 – The Collapse of the Lake County Fielders
Nothing is ever sure. I started the season, in 2011, with a new team that was getting a new ballpark[...]
EP13 – Meditation, and The Worst Day of My Life
I blew the game for the third time in a row. In the clubhouse after the game, the manager walked[...]
EP12 – The Parent-Athlete Relationship
Dan discusses the parent-athlete relationship and how parents can best support a happy, healthy career in sports.
EP11 – Places I Slept
Host families, hotels, training room floors, dorm rooms, crowded one-bedroom apartments shared by five teammates? Yep, that's life on the[...]
EP10 – Spin Rate and Advanced Pitching With Kevin Vance
Kevin Vance returns to the show to talk spin rate and how it affects a pitcher's arsenal, approach, and ability[...]
EP09 – Mike Reinold Shares Big League Stories and Weighted Ball Research
Mike Reinold, one of the world's experts on pitching injuries and performance, joins us to share some stories from his[...]
EP08 – When You Throw 99mph, They Make You a Pitcher
Mitch Osnowitz, current minor league pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, joins us to discuss his big arm and how it[...]
EP07 – Matt Zielinski: Pennsylvania To The Dominican, and Back:
Matt Zielinski has played in the Frontier League, Atlantic League, Italian Baseball League, and the winter leagues of Puerto Rico,[...]
EP06 – Sports and Business: How They Relate
Former Division-I baseball player, Tom Meaney, comes on the show to discuss the parallel between sports and business. We talk about[...]
EP05 – Tommy John Surgery: Your Questions, Answered.
Dan has had Tommy John surgery twice, and he takes 10 popular questions in this Q&A episode of the Dear Baseball[...]
EP04 – Developing Leadership Qualities As You Grow Up
It took me a long time, but doing things the right way, over time, eventually made me into a respected[...]
EP03 – With Kevin Vance – Baseball Isn’t Fair, and If You Don’t Like It, Play Better
In this episode, we are joined by current University of Rhode Island pitching coach, and former minor league pitcher, Kevin[...]
EP02 – How I Forced My Way Into Pro Baseball
In this episode, Dan tells the story of how he broke into professional baseball. After finishing his college career undrafted[...]
EP01 – The Day I Blew Out My Elbow
This story starts on the day of a major crossroads in my career: Undergo a second Tommy John surgery, or hang[...]
INTRO – What is Dear Baseball Gods?
In this introduction, I discuss who the "Baseball Gods" are, and why they're a theme of this show. Dear Baseball Gods is[...]

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