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Dec 04

How to Improve Your Curveball Release Point

By Dan Blewett | Pitching

How To: The Curveball Release Point Bucket Drill This is a drill that I have been doing since I was 15.  I learned it from my friend Duane, who taught me the curveball that eventually got me into college.  My sharp, big-breaking curve was the only reason my 78-81 arm ever saw the mound as […]

Dec 01

How Leg Strength Increases Pitching Velocity

By Dan Blewett | Pitching

There’s lots of speculation and studies about throwing velocity. From my own observations and logical thinking, as well as some of my father’s research, I’m going to be posting some thoughts on velocity in snippets. Todays topic? Leg strength. Legs. Not As Important As Everyone Thinks? Leg strength needs to be applied as locomotive force […]

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