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Oct 31

5 Injury Prevention Exercises For The Volleyball Player

By Dan Blewett | Volleyball

The high-level volleyball players we train are about as beat up as any group of athletes out there. The demands of their club and high school teams mean that they are competing nearly year-round with almost no off-season to recover from injuries and dedicate training time to improving performance. We see back pain, shoulder pain and […]

Oct 28

Conditioning For Pitchers: Current Advice Is Misguided

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

We figured it out years ago, and it was a good thing we did: Conditioning for pitchers needed to change. Gone were the days of jogging mile after mile, pole after pole. “Sprinting is the way!” we strength coaches declared. But, is it the only way? Is everything else “making us slow?” As both a […]

Oct 02

Best Shoulder Exercises For Young Softball Players

By Dan Blewett | Softball

The best shoulder exercises for young baseball and softball players are ones that can be performed with minimal equipment, are still effective even with imperfect technique, are somewhat engaging and are easily “felt.” Let’s explore some of our best exercises for baseball and softball players ages 8-13.