Monthly Archives: April 2016

Apr 14

Slide Step Pitching Mechanics: Learn How to Do it Right

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

The slide step is a pretty straightforward thing, if it’s taught correctly. The thing is, though, that most coaches teach it incorrectly, and/or don’t have a real sense of what’s necessary and good from the stretch. In this short post, we’ll go over what we do and don’t want from our slide step pitching mechanics, […]

Apr 07

Improve Softball Throwing Velocity With Footwork

By Dan Blewett | Pitching

Helping girls to improve softball throwing velocity is one of our specialties, and it starts from the ground up. Without proper footwork, a player can’t get her hips into proper alignment and closed to her target. And if she can’t get her hips lined up properly, then she won’t get as much velocity from her […]

Apr 03

Is Heavy Lifting Good For Pitchers?

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

If you look around social media, you’ll see that more baseball pitchers are lifting “heavy.” This is, in general, a good trend – pitchers were coddled and treated with fragility for years. But, pitchers are¬†different – different than position¬†players, and they’re different than other athletes in general. But, how different are they? Is heavy lifting […]