Monthly Archives: September 2014

Sep 16

Bullpen Pre-Pitching Routine and Theory

By Dan Blewett | For Players

I was asked a while back to expound upon my routine preceding a start or bullpen outing. Well, I’ve put this post off because it’s not going to blow anyone’s mind. Here’s why:   You just Get Ready…Fast.   So, as one of these internet strength coaches, I feel like people expect me to do […]

Sep 05

Pitching Out of Jams

By Dan Blewett | For Parents and Coaches

Pitching out of jams is a huge part of being a good pitcher in both baseball and softball. A common complaint I hear from parents is the following: When my kid is pitching well, having quick innings, he (or she) is great. When he gets into trouble, however, it gets ugly really quick. He tends […]