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Feb 25

Amateur Pitchers: Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Amateur pitchers too often don’t think about what they’re doing in practice and what they’re teaching their body. Learning a skill is relatively simple: Identify what it is you wish to learn Assess your current level of prowess Break the skill down into fundamental pieces Start with the simple, most easily learned pieces Practice consistently […]

Feb 20

What The Trainers Are Eating Part 2: Lucas

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

Lucas is right now following an intermittent fasting and carb cycling diet. What this means is the following: He has a long fast each day; he doesnt eat until after his workout (2pm) After his workout he consumes food with up to 50g of carbs For the rest of the day he is allotted 50-100 […]

Feb 20

At What Age Should A Pitcher Learn A Curveball?

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

“At what age should a pitcher learn a curveball?” Watch the video below and then read the brief discussion of it below. I talk fast, and you need to hear this! Or, if you prefer the written word, download my free 15-Page How to Throw a Hammer Curveball Guide – it’s an amazing resource for any coach, […]

Feb 19

What The Trainers Are Eating Part 1: Dan

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

Recently I wrote a little about the workouts of Lucas and myself. If you didn’t catch it, click the link. So, we figured it would make sense to follow up with our current diets, which also differ significantly. Because I’m short on time, I’ll publish mine today and Lucas’ later this week in separate posts. […]

Feb 13

3 Softball Throwing Velocity Fixes

By Dan Blewett | Softball

At Warbird, we’re excited to be able to take our baseball pitching expertise and apply it to a much needed gap: the overhand softball throw.  The following are three softball throwing velocity fixes that are simple and effective. #1. Learn To Crow Hop We spend much, much more time on teaching crow hops than we […]

Feb 09

5 Pitching Velocity Myths

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Late winter is the time of year when everyone starts to analyze their velocity, which gives rise to many common pitching velocity myths. Common questions are: How hard do I throw in comparison with everyone else? Do I throw hard enough to get noticed? Why don’t I throw as hard as (insert name)? Why am […]

Feb 02

Holds, Pitching Velocity And Tom House Tennis Analogy

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

There’s been a ton of Fanfare regarding Steve Delabar, a former independent pitcher who went through Tom House’s NPA Pitching Velocity program, jumped into the mid-90s and resurged into a big leaguer shortly thereafter. It’s a great story and people should be excited about it. But, House credits Tennis for his epiphany in developing the program […]