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Dec 29

Hitting Velocity Of High School Female Volleyball Players

By Dan Blewett | Volleyball

What is the average and peak hitting velocity of high school female volleyball players? How might these change based on age, size, strength, skill and vertical jump height? For players who have committed to play in college, do they hit significantly harder than non-college players? These were all questions we sought to answer when we […]

Dec 19

Good Vs. Bad Curveballs

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I talk about curveballs at length in my new book – it’s one of the things amateurs really struggle to understand. Most amateurs consistently “hang” their curves and throw soft-breaking iterations that don’t fool hitters. The cure for this isn’t easy – it takes a lot of practice and good coaching cues. But, I wanted […]

Dec 14

Pick Up Sports Are Hilarious, Yet Evil.

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Playing pick-up sports are akin to tagging up to third base with one out. It’s not smart and we all know it, but we won’t say anything if you make it in safely. Get caught, however, and everyone will be doling out dirty looks and rolled eyes. Athletes are competitive and like being active. This […]

Dec 01

Jumping, Sprinting And Throwing: The Rich Get Richer

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I’ve bloviated a number of times on the topic of training intensity as it pertains to high-velocity movements such as jumping, sprinting and throwing. A major factor that separates the best athletes from the average is aggressiveness found both in training and competition. Testosterone is a driving factor in athletics – more testosterone means more […]