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Aug 20

Rotator Cuff Stabilization Exercises

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

There is more to training the shoulder and rotator cuff than just dumbbell raises and band exercises. Adding in rotator cuff stabilization exercises is very important. Although Ys, Ts, Ls, As and Ws are great exercises and a staple in our program, they don’t complete the picture for overhead athletes. We need an amalgamation of […]

Aug 04

You Won’t Be A Power Hitter or Pitcher.

By Dan Blewett | College Recruiting

I just had this conversation with one of our very young, very talented 14 year olds. He’s got a great swing, great glove and great athleticism. But, he’s unlikely to even be big enough to be a true power hitter. So, he’ll eventually have to learn how to play his role as a contact hitter. […]