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Feb 26

Searching For The Minimum Effective Dose

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

The Minimum Effective Dose: The smallest amount of a prescribed remedy to cause the intended consequence. Yes, I made that definition up. Yes, being a nerdy Philosophy B.A I enjoy the challenge of defining words; we did it every single day back in college. The minimum effective dose is something that we are incredibly familiar […]

Feb 25

The Error In Youth Throwing Rehab

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

My Warbird Academy gives me tremendous data from which to observe the behavior of pitchers at varying speeds and levels of perceived exertion. Having transcribed my Tommy John throwing protocol from perceived exertion to velocity, I’ve had an epiphany about the mound phase and the rehab of younger pitchers. For myself, as a 90+ thrower […]

Feb 24

Velocity-Based Tommy John Mound Program

By Dan Blewett | Tommy John Surgery

In this post is a guide program that I’ve created as a supplement to my throwing program. I’ve made this due to three factors: I do not have access to distances above 60 feet at my indoor facility I do not trust the progression of perceived exertion to guide me. This is based on my […]

Feb 19

“How Are His Grades?”

By Dan Blewett | College Recruiting

I’ve emailed many coaches on the behalf of some pretty good ballplayers – prospects that could play at a high level someday. What was the most common response from coaches, you ask? Was it – how is his breaking ball? How are his mechanics? How is his changeup? Nope. Nope. Nope. The question every college […]

Feb 17

Do You Look Expensive To Others?

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Everything in my industry is about creating the effect of “desired.” Whether you’re an athlete who wants to be desired by a University sports team or a regular person who wants to be desired by others, it’s my job to make you relatively more desirable. And further extending it to envy, the unhealthy desire your […]