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Dec 30

Figuring Out Pitching Accuracy

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Let’s face it – there’s tons of ways to throw a baseball, and many of our favorite MLB superstars do so in a less-than-archetypal manner. Jason Motte? Bad mechanics. Chris Sale? Goofy Mechanics. CC Sabathia? Strange hitch in his arm action. The bottom line with all of these guys is that they still somehow find […]

Dec 21

15 Things I’ve Learned In 2012

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

As a strength coach and ballplayer, I’m constantly around people who challenge me to adapt what I do. With youth athletes, my methods and business model are tested daily. It’s been an interesting year, one full of crushing disappointment, business growth and new training methods. 1. “Paying Dues” Doesn’t Guarantee Anything I’ve paid my dues, […]

Dec 12

How Many Pitches Do You Throw? Wrong Answer.

By Dan Blewett | Mental Training

One always interesting talk I have with young pitchers is about the number of pitches they throw. I’m usually blunt about it because they need to know as soon as possible where their “stuff” stands. The conversation goes like this: Me: What Pitches do you throw? Him: Oh, uh, fastball, curve, change, slider, forkball. Me: […]

Dec 10

The Necessity Of Failure & The Fork In The Road

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I remember standing atop the bleachers with my college coach, watching as a freshman pitcher took his turn on the mound. I was a sophomore, had improved and proven some worth to the program. I guess I had earned the right to be confided in, though the information was by no means a secret.