Monthly Archives: May 2012

May 12

A List Of People I Learn From

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Back in 2009 I started this website, before I started what has become a fast-growing strength training and velocity development business. My friend and mentor Nick Tumminello┬ásuggested I start a blog. I did, but for months I was embarrassed by it, feeling as though I had no business having a web presence. Who was I? […]

May 04

1=1000. An Equation For Mental Success

By Dan Blewett | Mental Training

Making it to the Major Leagues? It’s an impossible journey. 1=1000 Throwing a complete game? That’s an awful lot of flawless pitching. 1=1000 Writing a book? I don’t even know where to start. 1=1000 Losing 50 pounds? That’d take too much work. 1=1000 Running A Marathon? I think I’d die. 1=1000 Adding 10 miles per […]

May 02

Long-Toss Arguments With Dick Mills

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Here’s a nice little article courtesy of the Wall Street Journal about Long Toss, a topic which I am passionate about. Upon reading it, I peeked at the one comment…it was by pitching “guru” and long-toss critic Dick Mills. Dick knows a lot about pitching mechanics, but believes long toss has no value…and he likes […]

May 02

MVC of Muscles in The Acceleration of a Baseball

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

This is a snapshot from a research packet showing the muscular activity of throwing a baseball as a percent of MVC, or Max Voluntary Contraction. MVC is a lab measure of conscious force exertion, and these numbers give us an idea of how active our muscles are relative to our conscious maximal force production. As […]