Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mar 24

The Shoulder-Changing Effects of Blackburns

By Dan Blewett | Pitching

We do wayyyyy too many blackburns in my gym. But you know what? I think they have as much bang for the buck as any set of exercises out there. For an overhead athlete like baseball, softball, volleyball and tennis players, it’s really hard to beat them. Here is a real-life example of a baseball […]

Mar 21

Volleyball Players: Sport-Specific Training Needs

By Dan Blewett | Pitching

I’ve recently started a group of female volleyball players from Ilini Elite, and I’ve been talking with parents about what special needs they have to meet the demands of their sport. Let’s discuss: The Female Athlete In General… Needs more attention paid to the hips and thighs. Why? ACL tear prevention. Women have wider hips […]

Mar 19

Handling Pressure On The Mound

By Dan Blewett | Mental Training

The season has been starting for high school baseball, and college ball is now well underway. With the youth and pro seasons looming, every ballplayer will soon be feeling the early-season jitters, whether on the mound or at the plate. I pitched in front of some big crowds (for me) last year, and coping with […]

Mar 10

Every Rep Counts

By Dan Blewett | Pitching

Every rep counts. That’s right: each rep of each set of each exercise in your training program is there for a reason. With every rep, you have the option of getting the most out of it, or of half-assing it. This is common sense, right? You have at most half a dozen exercises in a […]

Mar 08

Congrats to Jesse Heaton and Eric Fight

By Dan Blewett | Pitching

I want to give a big shout out to two of my athletes who have made some headlines recently…it’s always great to see the young guys succeeding – with or without my help! Jesse Heaton Jesse, an infielder/pitcher, is a Senior at Central Catholic High. He was selected, among hundreds of applicants, as the winner […]