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Nov 27

ASEA Water – A Briny Review

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

“You mean to tell me that there’s a drink that combines the benefits of steroids AND the delicious taste of salty poolwater?!?!” I was given some ASEA water to try – one of a few perks I have received as a result of my baseball career. I was promised that as a pseudo-athlete, my athletic […]

Nov 24

Getting Big (or Small) Requires Food Planning

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

Most of us are out of the house for the vast majority of the day. Couple this with the fact that the food service industry can almost never deliver nutritious and affordable meals consistently, and we have a big dietary problem. If you don’t plan ahead, your diet will fail. Invariably, my girlfriend Rachel is […]

Nov 22

Use Fat Grips To Increase Hand & Forearm Strength

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I spent a number of hours recently making different rolling grips for our weightroom, all of which would challenge the hands and forearms in a different way. Our favorite tool is the 3inch grips, which are incredibly difficult. All it took was some PVC, climbing accessory cord and some vinyl tubing to make a pretty […]

Nov 11

Do NOT Work Out Like a Major Leaguer

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I just watched a video series from a strength coach in a MLB organization who was selling his programs. He claimed, on his website, that his program was made for and tested on Major Leaguers, and because of that, everyone should be doing it. Major Leaguers are on top, so all of the best training […]

Nov 08

11 Essential Lower-Body Stretches For Baseball

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

The 11 Essential Lower-Body Stretches is a packet that I provide to my clients when they want to stretch on their own time to improve their flexibility. It contains descriptions and color pictures of each.. You can download the PDF file for free here: 11 Essential Lower Body Stretches, but it will not open without […]

Nov 07

How To Properly Perform Blackburn Exercises

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I apologize for only revealing half of my beautiful face – I wanted to get this video up immediately to instruct a few of my clients, and didn’t realize what had happened to after the upload. Blame my camera – it’s not so intuitive for a first-time user. The rep scheme is as follows…