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Oct 13

Confidence: Gotta Have it

By Dan Blewett | Mental Training

Confidence is huge in sports, and I just came across a great article on the Wall Street Journal that everyone in the sports or business world needs to read. If you don’t read The Journal, I highly suggest setting it as your homepage, as it will provide you with poignant, well-written articles, something you don’t […]

Oct 07

How To Eat Healthy On A College Meal Plan

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

*I wrote this back in ’09 as my senior year in college started to wane.* You’ve seen him.  You have probably whispered to your friends about him while he sits across the room, inhaling his food.  Three burgers, three slices of pizza, a whole plate of french fries, and an army of cups filled with […]

Oct 05

Radically-High-Rep Training For Pitchers: A Theory

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I was in the gym just moments ago when I started thinking: What if we performed weekly shoulder care repetitions not in the hundreds, but in the thousands? Hear me out… Freaks, or Heavily Invested? Gymnasts are probably the strongest pound for pound people on earth. They can do pull ups all day long, and […]