Monthly Archives: May 2010

May 28

Baseball Food: It’s Every Boy’s Dream

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Every kid growing up playing baseball wants to someday be a pro; a Major Leaguer, really, but I guess being a minor leaguer counts too. Aside from living the dream, playing a fun kid’s game for money, and living devoid of the job responsibilities most of the world endures, there is one other, big perk: […]

May 27

Why do you train?

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I’m going to revisit a piece I wrote about eight months ago with regards to the ever-burning question: what drives you to train? If it’s a little dramatic, just bear with me and it will make sense once you finish reading. I scream. Lights dance in my eyes with each step, and in this moment […]

May 26

Building a Game Plan from the Bench

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Starting pitchers are given plenty of time between outings to build a scouting report and game plan for facing their opponent. Our season started last week, which meant we had to figure out what our opposing hitters had on the fly. As an expansion team, we didn’t have scouting reports already laid out for us, […]

May 19

Surviving Spring Training

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I arrived in Normal, Illinois on May 3rd for spring training for my first season of Independent professional baseball. I had pressure on me because I knew I had to perform well and outcompete a staff of more experienced pitchers, but I didn’t realize it would be maybe the two most stressful weeks of my […]

May 16

Get to Know The Pro Style Curve Ball

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

If you watch a major league baseball game, pay close attention to the velocity differentials of each pitcher’s offerings. As I am writing this, I am currrently watching Brian Duensing of the Twins throw a 92 mph fastball and an 80mph curve. Duensing throws what coaches would refer to as a pro curve. What is […]

May 10

The New Gatorade G-Series: Good Sports-Drink Science?

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

If you haven’t yet seen the commercials by Gatorade bearing claims that the iconic sports drink has once again evolved, then let me fill you in: Gatorade is finally wising up and making themselves a player in the post-workout nutrition market, which is currently inhabited mostly by supplement makers. They are doing this by making […]