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Oct 27

Holy Tabata!

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Today at the Athletic Edge we had a nice little workout.  Our day consisted of deadlifting, flexibility and mobility, weighted push up and rotator cuff work.  We capped it all off with a Tabata Interval set of Front Squats @ 65 pounds.  What is a Tabata Interval, you ask? 20 seconds of work followed by […]

Oct 26

A Knee Can Only Take So Much

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

In the fall of 2007 I started having hamstring problems, which was unusual for me. As a catcher, it was my priority to take care of my body, and I was no stranger to the weight room. My legs were strong and flexible, but after a collision with a first basemen I jammed my patella […]

Oct 25

Nutritional Habits of Very Lean People

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

There is no big secret to sculpting a killer body and staying healthy; rather, results are achieved by consistently following through with good day-to-day habits. Everyone is different, but the general habits of very lean and healthy people are consistent.  They… Always eat breakfast Never skip meals Always eat in regular intervals, usually every 2-4 […]

Oct 20

Prehab: A Pitcher’s Mandatory Best Friend

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I was in the training room the other day watching the lacrosse players and soccer players and swimmers all getting treatment for their injuries.  I was in the training room doing my post-surgery rehab, which, as it turns out, was comprised mostly of the same exercises that I had been doing for the previous two […]

Oct 12

Jump Rope: It’s Not Just For Schoolchildren

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Jump Rope For Heart was one of the most loathsome charitable activities in which I ever had the displeasure of participating.  This was back in elementary school, but I nonetheless established a lifelong association between jumping rope and white crew socks, brightly colored backpacks, and girls (ew!). Nowadays, my left knee hurts, and I see […]

Oct 09

The Baseball Offseason

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I recently wrote a post on goals for the offseason.  A few days ago I was checking out the blog of Eric Cressey, who is strength coach in Boston with a large baseball client base.  One of his recent posts addressed how little time baseball players have each year to really remodel their physiques.  It’s called […]

Oct 08

Eat Pumpkin as a Healthy Snack

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

Love pumpkin pie, yet don’t have time to make it?  Whip up this healthy filling yourself and enjoy the taste and nutrition anytime. All it takes is: 15oz can of Pumpkin 1/4 fat-free ricotta cheese 1/2 tsp. cinnnamon 1/4 tsp. ginger 1/4 tsp. nutmeg 3 or 4 tbsp of Splenda (or sugar, if you’d rather […]

Oct 07

Strengthen Your Feet While You Exercise

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Support can be loosely defined as artificial reinforcement designed to lessen the strain placed on a structure. For the human foot, support comes in the form of shoes, and all the orthotics that inhabit and compose them. Foot support is a good thing in many situations, yet there is a growing movement to bring bare […]

Oct 07

Sustained Cardio is Nobody’s Friend

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I don’t know where the idea that pitchers need to be world-class distance runners came from, but it is complete and utter nonsense. Some cardiovascular conditioning for pitchers is beneficial, but not at the expense of power. According to research cited in the NSCA book, Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, excessive aerobic conditioning has […]