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Aug 21

More Shoulder Stretches for Pitchers

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Here are three more shoulder stretches, that when done in addition to the sleeper stretch, will help keep one’s arm nice and loose. Posterior Deltoid and Infraspinatus Stretch Pull the arm across the chest to feel a stretch in the back of the shoulder.  This will get the infraspinatus (a rotator cuff muscle) and the […]

Aug 20

Speed Recovery With Good Nutrition

By Dan Blewett | Nutrition

As I have previously discussed in this article, proper nutrition is important in recovering from the stresses of athletic competition, and can help ward off and speed recovery from injuries.  Give your body all the building blocks it needs to repair itself and it will do so as fast as it is able. An interesting […]

Aug 19

How Do You Take Your One-Legged Squats?

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Unilateral leg training is great for you.  Plain and simple. For the athletic population, and especially one-side dominant athletes like baseball players, a big differential can develop between legs.  Pitchers will often have increased tightness in their stride leg, especially in the hip joint (from rotating on it with each pitch), yet higher strength in […]

Aug 15

Tommy John Forearm Rehab – For a Healthy Elbow

By Dan Blewett | Tommy John Surgery

The following six exercises are prescribed to any ballplayer with elbow pain.  Be it tendinitis, UCL strains, sprains, or surgery, these forearm exercises are the ones that strengthen the whole forearm and ward off future elbow problems.  To the untrained thrower doing this prehab can also add a few MPHs, as the forearm and hand […]

Aug 12

2 Great Strength Exercises You Might Not Have Heard Of

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Novelty in the weightroom isn’t always a good thing, but sometimes can provide a fun pick-me-up when routines get stale.   The following are two of my favorite exercises that aren’t very well known, both of which, ironically, start with a Z.  These were introduced to me by my strength and conditioning coach at UMBC, […]

Aug 11

The Pitcher’s Complete Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Prehab Circuit

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Having a strong shoulder is of the utmost importance for pitchers.  Throwing velocity, injury resistance, durability and stamina are all improved by developing strong, stable shoulders.   Why strength and stability? Because strength is what is going to allow you to throw as hard as you can, and stability keeps your upper arm  properly aligned […]

Aug 07

Velocity Development: Long Toss

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Some pitching instructors like Dick Mills claim that long toss is a waste of time, as it doesn’t replicate the mechanics used when throwing from a mound.  This anecdotal argument is actually the reason long toss is effective – because it gives the arm a different stimulus: while throwing at max distance it stretches, reaches […]

Aug 06

Velocity Development: Throw More Often

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Picture this: You set a goal to bench press 200 pounds.  To accomplish this goal, once or twice a week, (maybe three times) you go into the gym and bang out 5 hard reps of bench press and call it a day.  Would this manner of training get you to your bench press goal?  No […]