Monthly Archives: July 2009

Jul 21

Stronger Shoulders: Replace Your YTWL with the LYTP Circuit

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

You may have heard of the Y-T-W-L circuit, which develops scapular stability by strengthening the shoulders and upper back.  Scapular stability is of the utmost importance for overhead throwing athletes like pitchers.  Talk to someone with healthy shoulders, and they probably have been using the YTWL. Yet despite it’s popularity, the YTWL circuit is often […]

Jul 19

One Reason Steroid Use is Great

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Steroids get a bad rap in sports, and rightfully so.  After all, they give athletes an edge over their competition, and can subsequently take jobs away from “clean” athletes who are physically overmatched by “dirty” athletes. Yet, a fundamental reason we spectators watch athletics is to witness, and vicariously share in and celebrate, the limits […]

Jul 08

Foam Rollers = Helpful Torture Devices

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

I’ve been familiar with foam rolling and myofascial release for a few years now, starting when I was told I had a lot of inflexibility that needed to go away.  If you’re unfamiliar with myofascial release, check out this article.  It’s from wikipedia, but it gives a pretty thorough overview.  Basically, though, you maneuver yourself […]

Jul 02

My Tommy John Surgery Checkpoints

By Dan Blewett | Tommy John Surgery

I figured I would write a post of milestones of post-surgical activities, as that is a pretty common question people have.  I asked other guys all the time when they could do this or that, so here you go.  Some of these I can’t remember exactly, so bear with me. Out of sling: 2 days […]

Jul 01

A Few Words About Pitchers’ Conditioning

By Dan Blewett | Baseball

Pitchers and baseball players in general have an interesting sport to prepare for. Team sports like soccer, lacrosse (if you consider it a real sport), hockey, basketball all require a good amount of stamina, as they require nearly constant motion.  The needs in those sports is somewhere in between anaerobic and aerobic.  Baseball and football […]